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The World Of Ambroshia:

-=- A Multi-User BBS Realm! -=-

* 10 Player Races w/ DUEL RACE OPTIONS
* 10 Character Classes w/ DUEL CLASS OPTIONS
* 5 Profession Guilds!
* 32bit DLL! For great multi-user gaming!
* Linux/BSD Port Available!
* DOOR32 Support!
* Written in C++ for the fastest gameplay possible!
* Inspired by LORD, Usurper, Exitilus, and KNK!
* Embark on user created Quests!
* Magic and steel go hand in hand
* Global In-Game TELEGRAMS!
* Global Chat Room
* Create your own Kingdom and maintain it, from the tax rate to the building of a great military..
* New Kingdom Diplomacy and Trading!
* Enjoy NEW marriage system and kids!
* 2 types of Leveling..Experience and Profession level up's "ala Exitilus"
* Hire Door Guards to protect you in the Inn..
* Acquire land for the growth of your kingdom..
* Recruit civilians for a militia to help you usurp the throne!
* Use your leadership and treasury to boost civilian approval!
* Annihilate your foe's financial investments and bank account..
* Great kingdom warfare with cannons, catapults and dragon riders!
* Over 1000 monsters/creatures to fight against in varying environments including forests, mountains, sea battles, and dungeons...
* Over 300 different types of armor/helmets/shields etc
* Over 120 different types of weapons varying in quality and strength!
* Over 100 different spell types for spell casters to learn..
* Unlimited amounts of money can now be held, and with that there is weapons that cost $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 and more!!!!
* Challenge your fellow companions in the great Ambroshia Arena where onlookers decide your fate! Your past evil and good deeds could save your life or end it...
* And More!

The Future of BBS Gaming!