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Frequently Asked Questions:
What are kids good for in the game:
Each kid you have gives you extra monster fights each day. For each kid you have I multiply that be .25 and add that to your monster fight total for the day..

Is there a max level a character can reach:
Well, there is a limit of 2 billion level gains :)

What is the forumula for arena combat:
Evase = (3/4 Opponent Defense + 4/3 Opponent Agility) * Opponent Mental
HitRate = (1/2 Agility + 1/3 Strength) * Mental
Plus a few other small calculations that I will keep secret :)
Then Hitrate / Evase will determine if you hit the other guy..

What abilities help most for spell casting:
White Art Magic users rely heavly on mental for casting points..
Black Art Magic users rely heavly on intellect for casting points..

What are your Charm points used for:
Charm points are just a way to show how you measure against others in your love ability :). It also plays a small part in your baby making ability..

What language is the game coded in:
I'm using the latest and greatest, Microsoft Visual C++.NET 2003.

What SQL library is the game using:
Deuce found a great package for Ambroshia to use, called SQLite. This library is free and open source! And very powerful and robust for designing future BBS games!

Available at: www.sqlite.org

Is there and end to the game:
Nope! In the 2.0x series of Ambroshia, I actually had a ending where you fight 4 God Avatars. However, I wanted to move the game into a direction of never-ending gameplay. Where you could always go fight monsters and do kingdom warfare etc..

Why when a player has his head chopped off, are they allowed back in the game:
This has been asked a few times in the past, and I am currently looking at changing the way this works. Maybe when the player who had their head chopped off enters the game they may need to pay for a resurrection, or perform some sort of "ghostly" task..

More to come!

The Future of BBS Gaming!